Call M & M Service Plumbing to get your sewer flowing properly again!

24/7 emergency service for all sewer problems

  • Tree Root Intrusion – When roots and debris from trees clog the main sewer pipe and prevent waste water from flowing properly from the main sewer.
  • Sewer Back Ups – Usually created by improper disposal of diapers, feminine hygiene products, even toys!
  • Sewer Gas Odors – Evaporation of the water seal that blocks offensive odors.
Plumbing Services

Using the latest technology to keep your sewers flowing.

Our trained staff utilizes video inspection of your sewer line to see exactly where the problem is and how to best handle it. Our professional technicians are also certified in the use of power jetting machines to assist in clearing sewer blockage. There’s no problem our team can’t fix.
Don’t wait for a sewer back up to threaten your health. Call M&M Service Plumbing to get your sewer flowing properly again.
"Jose and Paul came out to rod out my drain. They were here within the hour that I called. They even went into my nasty crawlspace to make sure everything was good. Great people to work with, from the person answering the phone to Jose and Paul coming out 
on a Saturday."
- Pete Skylakos
broken pipe
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